Blogging is real serious right now. 🍷
📸: @teachme_style
  • chia_habteBlogging is real serious right now. 🍷
    📸: @teachme_style

  • its_diff3r3nt😍
  • alyssacorcoran_What camera is that?
  • joey_too_smoothWow.... I gotta step my lighting game up
  • cutepinksocksIdk why it took me so long to follow you even tho I been commenting on your things and reading your blogs um like hi!! Subscribedddd
  • cutepinksocksNumbing cream sounds so much better than ice packs that they made me use for only 5-10 minutes before zapping the shit out of my pits. TBH the burn from the ice packs hurt more than the laser itself. But hay it was worth it!! Tmi but do you have tips on underarm skin lightening besides exfoliating? I feel like i can still see some darkness where hair used to be it's not bad but I hate it 😾 @chia_habte
  • chia_habte@alyssacorcoran_ this is a Sonya5100!
  • alyssacorcoran_Thank you so much! ❤❤❤
  • smplykaijaOmg! We have the same camera. :)
  • yessiks@knunezz
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