• senategop“The judge’s job, our nominee says, is to deliver on the promise that 'all litigants, rich or poor, mighty or meek, will receive equal protection under the law and due process for their grievances.’” – @SenatorChuckGrassley #ConfirmGorsuch

  • davellis7311@senategop that doesn't look like the person that was nominated almost a year ago when the seat came available...... oh wait, you guys obstructed and left that seat vacant. Was it worth having trumpy as your president to get gorsuch???? Sounds like a raw deal to me....
  • brandwynWill you please do right by the people that elected you and pass the new health care law. You finally have the ability as republicans to stand together MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. The American people are very tired of all this fighting and non-action.
  • dwb404atlThe GOP proved by their vote yesterday that they are the Anti privacy party how can you all strip away internet protection once again just doing the will of corporate America not caring about the people
  • jesuisrtjRepublicans have better start standing together and make changes or this will be it for me in the Republican field. Pass this Health Care Bill and get rid of Obamacare! I can't even afford to pay the monthly premiums yet I will be fined if I don't, it's ridiculous. When I use it, it doesn't even pay hardly anything! Its horrible anything will be better than what is out there.
  • jeszgCan you cover the 14+ missing minority girls from DC ! Why isn't anyone doing anything?!
  • mysunsettingpoemThanks for not voting to repeal the ACA you saved lifes
  • chich29@senategop @republicanparty what happened today is a disgrace!! We were promised REPEAL!!! Youve had 8 yrs and you still didnt have a plan??? We the ppl are livit!!!! SUPPORT TRUMP
  • babby.girl.jaii#animalsdidnothingwrong
  • jfaberjang#stopkillingtheplaneyformoney #stopdestroyingnature DO YOUR JOBS and represent the people!!!
  • andth2016@senategop Some who seem to believe that there is no such thing as the American people, only an American idea. But this gets it backward. Without the people, there would be no idea. Americans may come from all over the world, we may profess every religion, but we are bound together not just by our founding documents but by those mystic chords of memory of which Lincoln spoke, by our love of the land, its natural beauty, its inhabitants, its history, by what our people have achieved, what they have lost, what they have endured.
  • calijoewinelvrHEY @senategop IT'S TIME FOR THAT TRAITOR @speakerryan TO RESIGN NOW‼️
  • hazel.r.hubbardWhy do u hate bears?
  • samkaganWait I thought his name was Merrick Garland? Who's Neil Gorsuch?
  • rohininagaretnam#GorsuchCanWait #ConfirmGarland
  • cut.designsFollow!
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