#PrayForCleveland #PrayForMentalIllness I'm sick right now. Plz be kind to each other.
  • pagekennedy#PrayForCleveland #PrayForMentalIllness I'm sick right now. Plz be kind to each other.

  • adnan_ymousExcuse my ignorance. What happened in Cleveland?
  • kobe_the_mastiffpitbullDid they catch this crazy dude??!
  • 4ndrakefollow me 🙏🏻
  • a._.j2Right man I live in Cleveland its tragic out here thanks for the prayers bro
  • bartichulo_<3
  • bartichulo_Rest In Peace Cleveland Victims, may you all live in a better place, Heaven. <3
  • benreveal29What happened ?
  • dee_r_veeThis video and sad so sad poor guy just minding he on business and shoot died for no reason ......what is the world coming to.....this will be the reason why I wont let people get close to me ....u never know my prayers go out to this man's family
  • lukas_alcaIm from uruguay and i want to know what happenen if anyone can dm me or through here pls tell me what happened
  • malx_13what's going on someone fill me in
  • xbofahad@benreveal29 A man opened a Facebook live and was randomly shooting people in Cleveland, 15 victim so far i think...
  • tanketotoWai they not used is goggles maps
  • jota1069It
  • jota1069It's a horrible thing. I hope they catch that person.
  • gc_killz_itBro I can't believe that guy..he will get what he deserves
  • binkawyThat was a horrible video ! This maniac should banished from earth ! RIP old man
  • kris.off.first_@pagekennedy no offensive but have people mistaken how he looks to u
  • julien_227Go to hell biatch!(facebook killer)
  • gabriel_badaoui1293Prayers for Cleveland
  • desana_mosesDamn
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