• rachelbarkulesHe is risen!! Happy Easter! 🐰🐣🌸
  • ashley.allynSo beautiful!!!
  • beautyhunt_Beautiful family. Happy Easter!
  • t_burd98He is risen!! It's awesome!!
  • scalescoleenAmen!!!!
  • shliiizHe's going to love you showing this picture to his future fiancΓ© hahahhaa those front teeth are SO damn cute.
  • christianblair_styleHappy Easter guys!! Love you all!πŸ£πŸ’•
  • afdforeverCutest family !!
  • cgalvan2727I love seeing how God is working in your and Jaclyn's life! When she plays "oceans" on Snapchat and talks about going to Bible study, it makes me so happy! As weird as it sounds, I pray for you two! I don't know you, but I can't imagine the pressure you all must be under with such public lives! God only gives us what we can handle though, so you two are very deserving! Happy Easter!
  • emily.rose.makeupPretty nice
  • thebalancedbrunetteBeautiful! What makeup are you wearing? It's all perfect!!
  • stacyliane1Amennnnn
  • funky.bessHappy Easter! Your hubby kinda looks like Fitz from scandal!
  • rosecrmcHappy Easter 🐣
  • makeupby_racheleighAwww looks like someone wants his 2 front teeth for Christmas this year! Such a sweet family πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
  • lyn.munizBeautiful family
  • pakistanjournal☺ ☺
  • ashlynpaigemYou have SUCH a beautiful family 😊 hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!
  • odd_kitttenYou are so gorgeous 😍🌸
  • imeshasanBeautiful πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
  • ninaerin18Aww such a cute shot!
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