• amarachukukereDear RivKopa

    Where would I start?! As I watch my colleagues and friends pack their bags and return to their comfort base, I'm reminded of this reality, allawee o ti tun o!
    You came into my life with uncertainties and doubts, but along the line that changed. You taught me tolerance, discipline, friendship, dedication, commitment and love, how can I forget.
    I made new connections, I even reignited lost connections, made amazing colleagues turned team mates... I did cry, I swore, I argued, I danced, laughed heartily, I did love, I broke down, I came to appreciate little moments, I was in pains but is that not what life's all about?

    In the new land of port-harcourt, likened to a new field ready for planting, God showed up with His mercy, favor, love and Grace.
    The memories and experiences I'll forever cherish even though I have to let you to go.
    You're another story in my life!
    Yours sincerely,
    ME 💝

  • bjaa_ontopProud of you my darling nwanne!!😍 We thank God, he was with you all the way!!!
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