Wearing my stupid human suit for Easter. 
#easter #bunny #frankthebunny #donniedarko
  • superuglyWearing my stupid human suit for Easter.
    #easter #bunny #frankthebunny #donniedarko

  • besuroHell yeah - is there a Donnie stack?
  • superugly@besuro ha! There isn't.. who would be on it? Donnie, Frank, and who else? The old lady? Swayze?
  • besuro@superugly Swayze for sure, and I think there's a strong argument for Grandma Death even though the Sparkle Motion lady is probably more of a visually distinct character. I guess Donnie's girlfriend is another possibility since she's the reason for the whole thing.
  • superugly@besuro I will add it to the list..
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