• julieanakimA reminder to myself that this is no longer me. Not just in size, but in my mindset and strength.
    Today, I was at the gym with Sophie doing #gracefitguide when a man walked up to me and told me how "proud" he was that I was there. He proceeded to tell me how brave I was for being my size and still coming to the gym. And KEPT talking and had to stop himself from calling me fat. Thank you sir 🙄 he did however use his hands to motion how big I was while saying he himself couldn't imagine coming to the gym while being that big. It doesn't help that this week, I've been super bloated and feeling bigger than usual and down on myself, and then this man just makes me feel like absolute shit. I wish I could say I was like fuck you and kept on with my workout. Instead I just smiled in shock until he left and cried in the bathroom with Sophie. I was hurt, embarrassed, and mortified. If he said this to me at the beginning of my journey, I would never come back to the gym. I was always scared to workout at the gym for this reason. That people would judge me. Everyone is at the gym to better themselves and become healthier so PLEASE refrain from going up to someone and belittling them. I honestly don't think his words came from a good place, I can't explain the way he said it to me. How do you practically call someone fat to their face and think that it's encouraging?
    I refuse to let this deter me from going to the gym. I've learned to love going to the gym and it's my happy place and it will continue to be. FUCK WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS OF ME. I know why I'm there and I know how much progress I've made.
    K rant over. I can't believe I cried on my insta story but it's raw and real. Anyways I'm off to meal prep!!!! Macros start tomorrow! Thank you everyone for already dming me sweet messages. I'm okay just need a little time to recover ❤️

  • catalbertsWhat an a$$*&^#@! You'll recover, because you can, keep going, you are doing great!
  • stephiitupGuys have a way of saying weird things sometimes, its like they dont feel empathy - very strange, very fucked up. But youre a great role models for anyone trying to make that first step at the gym! Keep doing what youre doing 💕💕💕
  • utterlyrandomkendraYou're an inspiration to me because of your spirit, personality, and determination. He isn't worth even an iota of you.💜
  • glamourbabe88Keep on going 💪💪💪💪💪! Stay focused ! Don't let this dumbass stop you ! @julieanakim
  • ninjasisters.bbgYou are our constant inspiration!! And we have never even met. So please remember that this a-hole does not define you, or detract from any of your success and progress to date. There are people in the world that admire you and look to you for strength on a daily basis 👊💪❤️ thank you @julieanakim from the bottom of our hearts for being a great role model to many
  • natlielhmnOmgg you so inspiring me because your dedication omggg i really like your energyyy ,stayy health alwayss 💪💪💕💕
  • pastel_nightI'm usually a very vocal person, but I continually have had customers at work (retail) commenting on my body and it tended to just shellshock me (and it made me cry. Multiple times. Yes.) But a couple of months ago some idiot called me fat to my face and I told him off and kicked him out of the store. I was so proud for standing up for myself! Some people are just stupid a-holes with no respect for other people's feelings.
  • sweatgetfitso proud of you!!❤❤❤
  • brittneymarieevalHey Julie! My name is Brittney & I just wanted to let you know that after seeing this post & avoiding the gym for about 2yrs (due to the same fear you mention about potentially feeling like I shouldn't be there cause I wasn't already fit or that someone might be watching) your post & you words inspired me to go back. I woke up today worries about stepping back into this world after so long &I left grateful that I decided to go. & like you said didn't give two shits what anyone thought! I had forgotten that the gym doesn't just to belong to the people who are already fit but also to those, like you said, that want to make themselves better. & I just wanted to thank you for sharing because it did make a difference in my life ❤️ @julieanakim
  • painfreekitchenThank you for sharing this. I just saw your IG story about it and wanted to comment. I've thought in the past "yes! So awesome seeing someone who is significantly overweight at the gym" whenever I see someone. But I've never said it out loud because I didn't know how to make sure it came off as encouraging. I truly want to support anyone on their journey but could never figure out the words to use. Now I'm super glad I've never did say it because I would have never forgiven myself if I hurt someone. I don't know what the guy's motives were but know there are people out there that literally don't know any better. We just need to be told "hey when you say things like that it hurts my feelings" 💜
  • burn.dem.bunsScrew that guy! He was oblivious and insensitive. Keep going girl! No matter what anyone says... you own you. You do you. No one else can be you. You are the best for being you and you inspire me and others!!!!! So thank you!!! 💞
  • eleikvollPeople are entitled to their own reactions and people might say you over reacted, but it's up to you how you react to what happened and that's okay! You're awesome💪🏻
  • kathyowens36How does that happen? People shut the F up
  • alexandrarunsYou are doing amazing! Don't let anyone break your spirit ❤ xoxo
  • brooklyn_bbgJust saw your story posted on Refinery 29. I hope they asked you first!
  • spencee5You are beautiful, and I'm happy for you. Keep on working strong lady.
  • balancebrideThis popped up on my Facebook from @refinery29 go girl! You're amazing!
  • dee_amplifiedThe people that are saying you're being too sensitive are the people that have never been in a situation like you were. I've had similar experiences, and I reacted the same way. Just because you're also hearing the positive side, not to mention you're a strong beautiful woman, does NOT mean you're also not a human with feelings.
  • myfithealthyjourneyWtf i am so sorry that it happend you are such a inspiration a Great woman 😭❤️ fuck that Guy i Will report him by the staff for calling you out ? 😲 @julieanakim
  • danielleamarrI had some guy ask me if I was pregnant last year, literally touched my belly and then went.."oops, or no..you must just really like food. That's it right? You really like food?" And then when I had a similar reaction (stunned, awkward smile, not really sure where to go) and manage to squeak out a "uhh no?" To the pregnancy question...he started defending himself in explaining why he had brought up pregnancy and laughed. People are just straight up dumb and insensitive at times, and it really is so sad that as a collective, there's not much to be done to change the individual opinions. The opinions of those who have no idea how much long term damage they can do in such a fleeting moment. He probably doesn't even remember meeting me, but I'll never forget him. I'm not completely lacking in self confidence...but it's so hard to keep those moments from stinging. Keep doing you girl, you're an inspiration and judging by your videos, you would kick the asses of 2/3 of these bitch ass trolls in any sort of intense workout. You ARE fit, right now. Don't let anyone else make you think otherwise.
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