I am feeling so lucky to have been invited to a traditional Hawaiian emu this weekend- what a treat!

The large, volcanic rock-lined fire hole was set ablaze at about 3 in the morning, by 7 the wood had all burned away leaving glowing red hot stones.

We all chatted and worked around the large table salting the meats and vegetables and wrapping them in layers of ti leaves, finishing with chicken wire to keep it in place.

Banana trees were crushed and placed in a thick layer across the hot rocks to add moisture and clumps of ti leaves placed on top. The food was all spaced out on the banana and leaf pile above the hot stones, stacked high with more ti leaves on top.

We layered it with soaked burlap and sealed the whole steaming heap with plastic, covering the edges with soil.
8 hours later we peeled back the layers to a deliciously tender, slightly earthy, slightly smokey feast: meats, ulu, poi, carrots and absolutely the best sweet potatoes I've ever eaten.
Such a lovely way to come together and cook as a community before heading home to eat with family.

Wishing everyone a family, friends and food filled Easter ❤Aloha
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