• delicious_and_healthy_by_mayaAnd here's the recipe!! Matcha Coconut Spread made with @organicburst Matcha powder. Did you see me make it in stories? I need all the picking up these days (it's been really busy🙈)) and Matcha gives me that beautiful pick up and alertness without leaving me jittery as too much coffee does ((just too much!! not giving up on my walnut lattes either😆😂)) Did you know that Matcha increases Alpha waves in our brains by 75%?! Makes us super smart😜! Here's a simple recipe for this creamy deliciousness:

    1/2 cup coconut butter
    1 tbsp agave nectar
    2 tbsp coconut cream
    1 tsp @organicburst Matcha powder
    (Feel free to sweeten more and add more cream if you want it less thick🙌🏻)
    Blend and enjoy!! Hope you're all having lovely weekend❤️ Happy Easter beautiful people 🐰🌷🙌🏻🌱💕
    #homemade #spring #organicburst #sponsored

  • _thanya._Yummy 😋
  • crave.the.benefitsThat green looks amazing Maya! Can I steal one toast? 💚💚
  • flour___child😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
  • thehelp_officialCute ⭐️
  • veganwhatLove these fun colorful toasts, Maya! 😍💚💗💙💜💛
  • 8thandlakeThey're just adorable maja!
  • unconventionalbakeraw, those strawberries look so good 😋
  • lumadelineAll look so beautiful!
  • the_golden_hour_That spread looks so beautiful and nourishing 😱💚💚💚💚🍃
  • marcritzMatcha u got my obsession 😍🌿😛
  • nourishmemumThis is so fun! Yummy 😀Love this use of Matcha!
  • jernejkitchenThose toasts are so vibrant and so cute, really lovely 💚💚
  • jodiskitchenMatcha Butter? 😲🙆😍
  • veganmackGreat ideas. I never had banana with avocado before
  • succulentsmidgensLoving the colors 😍
  • amellouucmoi😍😍😍
  • damnsugarpleaseMatcha coconut spread ooooohlala! 😍😍
  • superfoodrunnerRunning to make a cup of matcha tea right now!! The color is such a perfect green!!!
  • misfitwellnessGoing to have to try this!
  • nutritionallydelish
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