“You could say that tidying orders the mind while cleaning purifies it.”
– @mariekondo. #TheTimFerrissShow
  • timferriss“You could say that tidying orders the mind while cleaning purifies it.”
    @mariekondo. #TheTimFerrissShow

  • kazoidconcreteThey didn't really touch on the subject of 'utility'. What about all the items you don't necessarily love but use frequently? Do those objects get a pass?
  • solopreneurzLove your stuff! Come check us out. You might see we think alike!
  • natureofnow2 minutes in. Her voice is like a sound bath.
  • acrolana❤️
  • isaiahshawGreat episode Tim- Your Truckee shout-out makes me that that you should have a Tiny House in Truckee... and I happen to have one for you! ☺️
  • elmalingerieThoroughly enjoyed this interview! Lol did u say オヤジギャグ?😂
  • livinteriorsPerhaps, one of my Favorite book #sparkjoy, along with #fivelanguagesoflove
  • theadventureengineerAmazing!
  • socalsal82Even though I can't speak Japanese yet, I really enjoyed listening to the spark in her voice when she spoke. Delicious.
  • brandihillcomferris absolutely loved this interview!!! Thank you for introducing us to the movers and shakers of the WORLD! This was the first time I heard the use of the translator for such an extensive interview and it was flawless.... the conversation was organic and classic tim ferris! I look forward to more conversations with those who live outside of western cultures ;)
  • cocoberlin_I love this!! Thank you @timferriss for bringing Marie on the show ❤️ it was the best interview I heard with her.
  • doctor.masi@aprilmreynolds
  • picadoseThat's what i call "awesomeness"
  • remoteworkers#RemoteWorkers would love your gallery! Would you mind to tag us, so we can share your post? 😉
  • millionairedollar_dreamFantastic
  • invest_firstGreat!
  • justdarkstarSo much yes!
  • adventureusCool!
  • redxlab👌
  • notibuyerNeat-o!
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