• anitawingleeTwo weeks ago, I did a photoshoot with friends @maddthman @mikee.nguyen @wit180. I was mostly the model, but got some video in there too. I was over the moon with every shots (you’ve been seeing them in my feed lately :). I was so content and grateful, I could have retired then and died happy. To my surprise, they were all up for doing it again! So yesterday we ventured to this abandoned railway in Toronto over a highway and did another shoot. We got tons more video this time and I’ll be editing it all together this week (can’t wait!). I want to have it out for you guys before we head to Portugal in 9 days.
Whaaaat. Where did time go?!
When I got home last night, I made myself a cup of hot cacao and pulled out my journal. Whenever something amazing happens in my life, I like to write to myself and integrate it. I’ve learned that this is ESSENTIAL, or else the growth passes you by. 
This is what my soul told me:
    Today, decide that you’ve already made it. Sure your ego could look at other Youtubers, influencers, entrepreneurs and celebrities and make you feel small and insignificant, but today, Anita, you’ve already made it. Enter the state of mind where “YOU’VE MADE IT.” Live from this place and everything will flow. 
From here on in, it just keeps ebbing and flowing. Speeding up and slowing down. Louder and quieter. Nothing is better or worse. It’s all part of this grand diverse array of experiences. The concept of success is actually a grand illusion. Each person experiences their own life on their own eyes and frame of mind. If you can see Life as this delicious rainbow of experiences and surf the waves, you’ve made it. 
To experience a life where you are doing what you LOVE everyday, gurrrrl, this is it. What do you think Katy Perry is doing when she makes an album? She is doing what she loves with people she loves.
    What do you think Oprah is doing when she sits to record a show? She is doing what she loves with people she loves.
Change your frame of mind, and everything changes.💛
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