• maxloveprojectHappy 10th birthday to our amazing SuperKid Hero and founder of Ethan & Choco's Book Club, Ethan! He's been thriving against High-Risk A.L.L. and gives back by ensuring that SuperKids at CHOC Children's Hospital have access to awesome books while they're hospitalized. Please join us in wishing Ethan a very happy 10th birthday. Here's to 100 more, Ethan! 💛🎗💛

  • marctronixxHappy new year Mr Ethan! 🎉 🎇
  • fennysflowersHappy 10th b-day, Ethan! Hope to see you soon, my friend😊
  • jacque716Happy 10th birthday Ethan!!
  • acureforissaHappy birthday Ethan! 💫
  • alioup1Thank you so much MaxLove Project for all you do to support ECBC and Ethan's dream to bring books to hospitalized kids! ❤❤
  • limotti_officialLove your profile , Follow me for daily Positivity and Creativity !
  • carolinavitelloHappy Birthday💕
  • miajanezicHe is amazing and an inspiration! A very happy birthday to him, and all the luck, love, and best positive wishes! Xxx
  • gdzsupplementsTag us in your posts so we can see your gym progress!
  • roarblocks👏 😄
  • switchfootleftyHappy Birthday Ethan!!!!
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