Maybe this is the shittiest picture I have ever taken of Gogol Bordello. We saw the concert (with a sick Eugene Hutz who channeled the Gypsy Gods to get through this last concert of the US tour) at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. My sister came from Maine to go with me and it was the most crowded concert I've ever attended. It was a personal victory that the made it through without a panic attack but my mental health was standing on alert like every hair on my arm. We made it even with the worst bumping, grinding, fondling,  and mosh pit ... and think I will have to hire Gogol for a private concert so I can dance like a 5'2" tiny lunatic. Side note: someone NEEDS to create a short-person concert experience where our view is not the sweaty smelly armpits of the humongous men in front of me. #concert #music #gypsy #gypsypunk #rock #rockandroll #asburypark #stonepony #band #musician  #365 #365project #documentinglife2017 #gogolbordello #eugenehutz @gogolbordello @hutz_eugene #jerseyshore #nj
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