• bakedowncakeryThere have been some incredibly amazing eggs and chocolates all over Instagram this Easter, but for me, this is the most awesome. If you haven't seen the work of @gummifetus you need to check it out! From the Nekobasu, Totoro to Gudetama, Jason Freeny makes the most incredible resin cast half skeletons. This Easter bunny is not chocolate but I would still try and eat it! I'm putting my vote in for a mould of this guy for 2018!!!
  • cakesandcursive@chaoticcakesandpastries
  • davidhchowThat's so awesome!!!
  • paulinhoffmann@korbi_zwerenz ziemlich cool :)
  • alymova.laraСтрашненький такой😨😨😨
  • jesustorija😍😍😍
  • oddowloutWicked!!
  • fortytwocakesThis is so amazing! Also, I asked my mum for a box of your beautiful eggs this year (given she was going to buy me eggs anyway, I thought I'd guide her choice 😉) and she ended up buying your eggs for everyone haha! She was the tiny lady with brown hair who bought about five boxes, including some GF. I got them yesterday and man, they are ten times more beautiful in person than they were even in the picture that made me want them. Cannot wait to eat some! Absolutely beautiful work, Jen - thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
  • anakfiTotally agree with you, Jen! 😄
  • quartlysBeanos !!!! @sarahquartly
  • sarahquartly@quartlys AHHHHH I NEED A CHOCOLATE ONE
  • mamina_kuxnya_rostov😅😆
  • bakedowncakery@fortytwocakes oh she was so lovely! I wish I had known it was your mum!!! I'm so glad you like them-hopefully you enjoy eating them just as much!! 💕😘
  • annettes0000@rodster1970
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