• eethgcorpsinc @drphil i brought this woman out of the shadows in good faith that nothing would happen with to her and here you are publicly attacking this woman - no ones #dna is completely 100% ethnicity of one nationality - i take offence to this #bully attack you launched on something that i have made #fill comfortable - everybody wants to be accepted - i seriously doubt that when your timeshare is up and you can no longer be a tv show consultant that you want miss the warm embrace of a audience & ratings -this should be in the @officialmauryshow @thestevewilkosshow category - @cbs you need to edit this show very good & #auntie @oprah @owntv you should raise your royalties taxes on this guy like @realdonaldtrump raises #taxes on poverty - we welcome all tv show about #business to generate a revenue stream & not psychology damage #racheldolezal
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