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  • strangeluvofficialMissing his purrs and forehead kisses​ so much. 😢💞
  • nur_chalili😢❤
  • kr4hu😔 I'm very sorry..
  • leguizombieI'm so so so sorry 😔 his forehead kisses were the best, there's no cat as loving and affectionate as him 😥
  • kiyomsterSorry for your loss❤ Such a sweet kitty. My Smoky bear is a talker too:) so sweet
  • velocedriftHe had some wicked fangs!
  • shane_rodgers_I I don't know what to say I've lost a few fuzzy family members in my short time here so far and I'm still not over any of them but the only thing I can say is if you need to talk you got many people willing to listen and *hug*
  • zackscottSuch beautiful eyes
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