What was your first step on your minimalist journey?

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  • minimalismlifeWhat was your first step on your minimalist journey?

    via @saintstudio

  • pursuing_a_mindful_lifeMoving across country for the second time with boxes that never got unpacked!!'
  • gisjonteThis color palette is so beautiful! 💕
  • lah_laaI just got started with my closet. It's not very easy, but it's worth it.
  • eskayeffI moved everything I didn't want into a spare bedroom with intentions to sell everything. One day, I packed everything up and donated it...two car loads. I've been curating my life ever since. Four years later and everything I own fits comfortably in one room.
  • susiesnezI gave myself permission to get rid of unwanted stuff!
  • ms_franklin_vpThe #30daychallenge was really the start of me taking action. Once I felt I had permission to let go of things (the a- ha moment from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) then I could really act. Then we moved house not long after. Still lhad lots of stuff but it was the beginning.
  • katyfolks83Joy of Less book and Life Changing Magic of Tidying up books (bullet points from both of these) along with The Minimalists documentary on Netflix!
  • itsbreeyeetStill trying to break up w some pieces I've loved. So hard. But will get there eventually.
  • essentialsimplicitymomMy first big step was when I learned what lifestyle changes I was already making and finding valuable to me, had an actual name, minimalism. 🖤
  • crystalfrommertMoving abroad
  • krisvogelsangBeing responsible for removing EVERYTHING from my in-laws house that they had lived in for 40+ years!!
  • the.minimalist.kinSuch good colors
  • dobsphoto5000Deciding to Move back to ND From NC. Realizing I didn't ever want to be stressed out about what to keep. When I got back to ND, I still found myself saturated by stuff I didn't need. It was all in storage in my mother's garage and apartment. The toughest items to get rid of are my array of Artwork and sentimental items. Beginning the process of digitally photographing some of the things so they can find new homes
  • makemineplaidLooking at my house and realizing that I couldn't breathe with the clutter.
  • buffalo.navyPacking up my little coupe with just my necessities and my dog and moving from Tampa to Portland
  • mr_essentialist@minimalismlife, mine was to define what I meant by minimalism, then it gave me something to look back on when I needed to make decisions during my journey. I recently wrote an article about this, link in my bio.
  • _blacksheepprints_Beautiful!
  • w.vv.vvawesome shot!!:D
  • innocent.when.you.dreamSurviving the most stressful Christmas of my life and realizing there had to be a better way. @theminimalists documentary appeared on Canadian Netflix just in time.
  • melissakinksI gave all the clothes I hadn't worn that year to charity
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