• earthwanderessI had probably the best birthday ever yesterday! 🎂👸🏼 Woke up from My friends coming into our bungalow with birthday singing and fresh fruit.
    We also had lots of amazing fruit shakes, went kayaking and topped it of with a plankton tour.
    The plankton tour was so much cooler than words can describe. When we swam in the pitch black water it was like a thousand starts lit up, and when we paddles our feet, it looked like someone was shining a torch on us from the bottom of the ocean. The glowing plankton even got stuck in our hairs and clothes, glowing like glitter ✨

  • marindavid76This is awesome :)
  • earthwanderess@miss.abroad it's little enough to get views like this with no people sometimes and for our plankton tour it was just us but it's new year here now so there are many massive Cambodian family gatherings here. It should get more quiet here again in a day or two :) Very calm and relaxing atmosphere here 🌞
  • earthwanderess@yepitsely Thanks ☺️
  • earthwanderess@laurensierrawoods 😘
  • earthwanderess@marindavid76 it really is amazing here!! 🏝
  • _life.of.ty_Great!
  • an_ette_Ja den födelsedagen lär bli svår att toppa. Låter helt magisk. Grattis i efterskott.
  • artohusThat seems like an amazing experience!
  • travels_annaHappy birthday in this Amazing place ... I@jusy love it too
  • bessieyeungbyPretty awesome :)
  • big.wanderlustWow! Congratulations! I was on samloem 2 months ago! Sooooo awesome!
  • evergreenblogPretty awesome. Keep going
  • eatwellexploreoftenI've never done a plankton tour! Definitely want to now!!
  • camping_wild_lifeVery nice! 😃
  • danielmakesgamesPretty cool :)
  • outdoorsy_matt🔥
  • crystalcarsonreportlove it
  • 6monthsaway😍
  • seaprb😊
  • ionutdanifeldThis is terrific
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