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  • ourgenerationmusiccoThe neighbors really thought J.Cole was selling dope ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿš” Here's footage of them raiding his house in North Carolina. #HBO #Documentary

  • mericanswagIt's funny that we all argue about race and all these things that don't matter when the real inequality is between the rich and the rest of us. "White privilege" is derived from the initial impression of someone having power. Let's say a rich black man and a rich white man walk into a bar, who's going to be treated better? They're each going to be treated equally because they have 25,000 dollar suits on and Cuban links that cost more than the average American home. When you look at statistics, who is being chased down by the police more than often? Not black people, not brown people, not white people.... Poor people. We all come down to the assumption of race and divide ourselves into what we look like... I bet those rich white, brown, black, yellow, green fucks laughing at all of us right now as they enjoy the country club jaccuzi.
  • elkevidor@mericanswag interest view. But how many times does a black man get pulled over for driving a s550 under the assumption it was stolen lol race is a huge factor that contributes to wealth inequality. I've read about Nixon giving soldiers coming back from war a grant to buy homes and blacks only getting 1 percent of that money. Today white males have a higher net worth due to their homes. easier to obtain a loan to start a business when you own a home. which leads to more white business owners. All connected
  • mericanswag@elkevidor That sounds like a personal observation with that use of stereotype. I haven't heard about that, these soldiers should be getting their money and should have legal protection against unjust acts from the government. Yes, that's true but why is that? There are more white people in America than black, so numbers are relative. Any black man or woman with a good credit score and a home will get the loan he or she wants regardless of his skin color. There is this interesting sociological perspective that because white people (settlers) have already become well established and have made a foundation earlier than black folks they have been able to create a foundation of prestige and wealth in which generations become accustomed to it naturally and follows through generation to generation, but because while white folk were creating a foundation and black folk were busy being enslaved and discriminated against in ex-slave states there is an inequality in ones foundation. I personally do not think that race is an issue because people just don't like each other's skin color but because of a series of unfortunate socioeconomic events that have lead to an inequality based on race. Sad thing is, I don't really know how we could fix this.
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  • jens_denouden@hessel_h Jaman, wat hij rapt is ook gewoon echt gebeurt. Hij rapt over shit wat vanuit zijn oogpunt gebeurt
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  • antdub559@meltd_mindz dude do you even listen to his music or u just going off this one song? he doesnt do drugs and never sold drugs. he didnt have pounds of weed lol the neighbors saw his producers and musicians outside smoking some weed, figured "they must be selling drugs, people are always going in and out the house" when in reality they were having different artists going in and out to record. ironically Cole doesnt even smoke weed haha. this whole album is from the perspective of alot of his friends he grew up with. in the song he admits to 'selling dope' in a metaphorical way, the music that is being made in the studio is the dope that the listener gets hooked on and wants more. remember when Nas said "somehow the rap game reminds me of the crack game." you say you dont want it to be about race then began racial profiling. lol c'mon now
  • baldino19Im glad j cole wasn't home this could of brought harm to him the neighbors had to be racist why else would u call the police on a a successful black man
  • lytt.leHoly shit American drug raids are so fucking overkill, do you really need 15 men to raid 1 house
  • lil12gaugeThts wut tht trash ass nigga gets ๐Ÿ˜ท
  • alxndr.001@meltd_mindz are you serious? Lmaoooo I've been a huge J Cole fan and I'm gonna assume that you obviously aren't. The reason I say this is because can you please name me more than 3 j cole songs from his entire catalog where he speaks of selling drugs lmao. You sound so crazy trying to prove your point without any facts to match it lol. And no, I didn't say that the cops were the kkk nor were the neighbors. All I'm saying is, if it was a white celebrity that were to move into the neighborhood, that type of attention would not have been given to them just for having money. The neighbors also didn't know who he was, so them not knowing he was a rapper they took it upon themselves to get nosey. Their train of thought is, "a black man with crazy hair and a lot of money, lets just assume he sells drugs" and they were completely wrong and they should feel absolutely stupid
  • alxndr.001@meltd_mindz you just need to understand that race is an issue and white privileged is a very real thing..you couldn't walk a mile in black mans shoes. And with that, I digress and may god bless you forever young man
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  • apb.33@cookies_bonanza whatever you say ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ keep on bitching, it's what you doing best
  • nate.shields@lexdelavalliere
  • cookies_bonanza@apb.33 no ones bitching I thought we were having a conversation but apparently when someone disagrees with someone or holds different views people are quick to name call and discredit the person they oppose so maybe one day you to will wake up and realize what's really going on
  • apb.33@cookies_bonanza I never called you a name. You called me a dumbass. Just made a point against yourself
  • cookies_bonanza@apb.33 you should come better prepared, but you're right I did say dumb ass. Yet I never called you that, I said your comment was๐Ÿ’ฏ
  • blackboyfromatlantaExplains why he's trash
  • the.weezy.franchise@papa.lusanda ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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