• honeyatkinsonWhat an awesome long weekend!! Perfect weather, cooking and relaxing! Our eight chickens are only just keeping up with egg production between all the baking, pasta making and poached eggs this weekend. How sweet are their little feathers, I collected some before they ended up all dirty in their coup. We haven't done any Easter eggs this year, just lots of yummy home-cooked meals and batch of homemade chocolate as a treat (still in the freezer setting, exiting!!).

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  • ashleeedeHappy Easter darking
  • ashleeedeDarling
  • anisa.sabetHappy Easter! The feathers are soooo cute!
  • bec_growinghomeWe had an awesome brunch out (a treat for us these days!) then a spontaneous visit to the National Gallery & Canberra lakeside. A glorious day and no need for hunts or showing off collections of overpriced foil wrapped chocolate, or even random presents in lieu. We've never really celebrated Easter (or Christmas or any other religion based thing) but I am feeling more confident lately to find alternatives for our family, without concern the kids are 'missing out' (though they were given Easter eggs at the cafe!) It's refreshing to celebrate the seasons, nature, and the things we can do together, it feels more genuine to me because we don't have any religious beliefs.
  • simpson_cottageLove this @honeyatkinson it makes me miss my chooks so much. Happy egg collecting and eating. Xx
  • honeyatkinson@ashleeede thanks Ash!! I've had a bloody awesome weekend, such yummy food and perfect weather. Your weekend looks amazing at the island. Big hugs xx
  • honeyatkinson@anisa.sabet you too Anisa! Loving this long weekend and clear weather. We are a bit obsessed with feathers in our house, we're always collecting them on walks. Hope you ate some delicious fresh fish on your trip x
  • honeyatkinson@simpson_cottage thanks Tara! We love our girls, they are such perfect animals... with get rid of food scraps and they give us gorgeous eggs as a gift, the best! X
  • honeyatkinson@bec_growinghome, yes going out for food is a real treat for us too, although we probably eat better at home than the meals we might get out! What a day out you had, I look forward to great adventures like this when my daughter gets a bit older. It's a pretty powerful feeling disconnecting from the consumerism that comes with Easter and Christmas. It's easer for us to ditch the Easter egg thing now because she's little, I often wonder the challenges these choices will bring once she's at school. You never want kids to feel excluded, but distilling values is important too. I'm so very grateful for weekend of clear weather and simple living too ✨
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