• marissaarossYou know in The Goonies when Mikey is like "Down here, it's our time! It's our time down here!" Yeah that is how I feel every Saturday with my flowers. Today I was drinking the Dinavolo Vino Bianco, an orange mind-bender and soul-soother of Malvasia, Ortuga and Marsanne. Savory, meaty, grilled pineapple with tangerine acidity and wisps of jasmine. Pairs well with the new Kamasi Washington. #MARwines

  • slippa.co👍
  • pmaibrandOoo this is awesome!
  • dinexdesignPs: Bashing the lilacs totally works 🔨🌸🔨
  • nestbyangelaLove.....following from 🌵.
  • fancybradySounds so interesting. One of my favorite wineries will be releasing their Malvasia soon and I cannot wait! Such a perfect spring wine.
  • anarcopauloGuglio is an amazing wine maker 😀🥂
  • kathryn.fayeA weekly flower ritual sounds 👌
  • soilexpeditionGiulio**********
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