At the @boroughmarket in #london this is the way to celebrate #easter .. roasted pork sandwich ... yes, please
  • bobbyflayAt the @boroughmarket in #london this is the way to celebrate #easter .. roasted pork sandwich ... yes, please

  • corina_dlcGOALS
  • mariealoriaPork? For EASTER?
  • _carinugh@howienotmandel
  • beljoe07There are no words....
  • jkushner04@grillguy22lr how bout someone does that to you ;) you don't have to tell someone to kill themselves because they don't agree with your shit.
  • grillguy22lr@jkushner quit acting so sensitive. Find your safe space and ooosaahh.
  • beckic21@aronwraith
  • grieco00Gross !!!!!!!
  • grieco00Someone needs to brand him I eat meat but I find this horrible !!!!
  • katia.holland🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
  • jkushner04@grillguy22lr how am I acting sensitive? Sounds like you're the one being sensitive. I never said anything on this post was offensive. I just called you out for being an asshole.
  • grillguy22lr@jkushner thank you. I take that as a compliment. Now to skin this wild hog to get prepared for this weekend. Best way to kill a hog is to tap the jugular with a solid carbon steel blade. Slower the bleeding the more flavor stays in.
  • jkushner04@grillguy22lr well then you have a very unclear definition of what a compliment is. Maybe you haven't been given enough throughout life.
  • grillguy22lr@jkushner I don't need compliments, but I do like killing and eating animals!!!! Especially the gutting and skinning part.
  • jkushner04@penguin0803 disrespectful!? Using the R-word is completely disrespectful. You get no respect when you use such a poor choice of words. 🤦‍♂️ ha, you want people to respect cultures but you disrespect people with disabilities 👎🏻
  • penguin0803@jkushner04 seriously, this is why no one takes the US serious anymore.
  • jkushner04I'm not understanding your comment. Can you please elaborate on what cultures find being against animal cruelty disrespectful? As far as the "R word" goes, I have been in the education field for 5 years. Worked with many children that suffer from disabilities. I personally find your comment hypocritical. I also want to add that it's hard to take someone serious when they use Snapchat filters on their profile picture 😂 @penguin0803
  • penguin0803@jkushner04 nope not going to elaborate, you're not worth it. I don't care what you're offended by.. you keep living your life being offended by everything and I'll keep living mine happily. Thanks, and yup, I love those filters lol
  • jkushner04@penguin0803 not going to, or you just can't? There is a difference. I think I've proved my point ☝🏻
  • penguin0803@jkushner04 nope you proved nothing 😂 and not going to but you can think what you want bc I don't give a shit. 👋
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