Andddd this is what attempting to jump after running 16 miles looks like. 
I learned a lesson on my run today... dehydration is real! I went out in 77° without water and hit the Great Wall of China with 5 miles to go. I had to actually stop in a Culver's for a cup of water. 😓 I was struggling HARD and will be carrying water with me from now on! Other than that, my run felt so good. Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was all the people out on the path (including the guy who fist pumped and yelled 'LOOKING STRONG!' as he rode past me), or maybe it's all the excitement with the @bostonmarathon right around the corner. Thankful for all those things! 
Finished off my peanut butter cup @halotopcreamery (best flavor I've tried so far) when I got home and made some chocolate @kodiakcakes with bluebs to refuel. Ready to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!
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