San Francisco and Vegas, you're up next for the #DirtybirdEggHunt! Scroll through to get the clues and make sure to read the full rules and details at
  • dirtybirdrecordsSan Francisco and Vegas, you're up next for the #DirtybirdEggHunt! Scroll through to get the clues and make sure to read the full rules and details at

  • analeisahudgins@dommarlowe
  • dommarlowe@analeisahudgins ayyyy, @extra_ranch_plz
  • wapor_vabeIDK
  • wapor_vabe¯\_( ˘͡ ˘̯)_/¯
  • dombhomb@mn.apache
  • sombreromandanWtf I'm at the place in Henderson but I can't find the egg!!!!
  • dirtybirdrecords@sombreromandan The Hunt starts at 1pm 🙂 Our @collectivezoo Birds are working their magic right now...
  • millameow@dirtybirdrecords hi! So about the golden egg is it at one of these locations or a dif one
  • sombreromandan😭😭😭😭 I just assumed you couldn't post the pics until 1 pm! Damn. Hopefully 25 people don't post before I'm off work
  • dirtybirdrecords#LVBBQ and #SFBBQ Birds, this was MADNESS! You did it! We've just notified the 25 ticket winners in each city... but EVERYONE who comes out from 1-3 out gets a prize. PS: The San Francisco Golden Egg is still out there!
  • dirtybirdrecordsAnnnnd SF has a Golden Egg winner too. THANK YOU ALL for participating 🙂 If you participated but haven't gotten a comment/reply, screenshot your post and email it to Every Bird who came out gets rewarded!
  • andyrooo17Glad I went out and found the egg, post right at 1pm and didn't even get acknowledgement of the post. People posted after myself and won tickets, I didn't even get the consolation message
  • andyrooo17Either way still a really cool promo
  • hupster@andyrooo17 Agreed. I haven't even received a message just for participating.
  • dirtybirdrecords@hupster @andyrooo17 Your privacy settings may have kept us from seeing them... as you can tell, tickets in both SF and LV went FAST and we (one person, tbh) did our best to capture the posts of the first 25 people in each city. Please do email us though... the rewards for just participating are pretty dope themselves 🙂
  • dirtybirdrecords@hupster @andyrooo17 And we tweeted this earlier, but realize you may not have seen it so it's worth repeating for everyone on IG: as you might imagine, our inbox is REALLY full right now, but we will answer each and every email within the next few days. 🐣🙏🏼
  • newcropmuse✨💞✌
  • hupster@dirtybirdrecords No problem. My fellow birds and I didn't receive the updates as we only had instagram, that may be why. May I please have the email so I can pass it along? Thank you so much for the quick response. 🤗
  • jrichards_01Daaaang it! I just left booooo
  • dotrack😄 😄 😄
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