The entrepreneurial hustle is rarely pretty. The highlights are out there from everyone's journey making it seem as though your imperfect mess is less than or not enough.... but let's be honest. It's almost always more piled up mess than pretty, fresh cut blooms. It's late nights, doubt, lots of coffee & so much effort. But here's the thing, y'all... When you can find the beauty in that hustle and carve out time for rest too - that's when this thing we do, this thing that's part of our very being - that's when it becomes more beautiful than any flower that could grace our desktop. So if you're neck deep in struggle & rocking pjs & dry shampoo for the fifth day in a row, just remember that it's worth it & there is beauty in the process. You got this, friend. #bmariephoto #risingtidesociety #beautyinthestruggle
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