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  • cocoknitsHappy Weekend Everyone!! We have been busy getting technique videos loaded to the site to help you through the steps of the #cocoknitsmethod. Hope they help❤️

  • knitgardenerJust in time for me! About to start my first Cocoknit 🤗
  • phoebeandegg👌🏼yay🎉
  • bisoudimeThanks so much for the teaching! I am a beginner knitter and I bought your book at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival! I am only discovering the method but I should speed up in my learning as my daughter came home one day, looked at the book and declared that she'd like one of each of the models please!
  • nanatucket3Those videos will be so helpful to beginners!!!
  • zippymossHappy Weekend to you too.
  • bag47Love the new book and videos
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