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  • cthagodI'm so ready to buy Queen Maxine's album.......

  • pharohescindian@cocoa_bitter with no end in sight. Fighting an idea.... NOT A NATION. AMERICAN LIVES LOST, TAXPAYER DOLLARS WASTED... In fact lives lost PERIOD. Their are innocents that die n war as well... Maybe you should follow CNN to get both sides rather than assume you know everything because you claim an under qualified trust fund baby...
  • cocoa_bitter@pharohescindian so let me get this straight: you want me to kill myself? 😂😂 you make no sense. You are very brain washed and ignorant. Yesss! I'm #teamcoon #teamhousenigga every insult you want to throw at me. I know who I am and ur view of me doesn't matter. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is under investigation because the corrupt democrats are trying to set him up. All they're unearthing is corruption within the government. His presence is revealing the corruption of the Deep State and I'm glad. Let them carry on with the investigation. You need to calm down because all your hate is not helping. You're working your way into a mild heart attack. I suggest you take a step back and do something constructive that will benefit you because the government will not give you a handout anymore. You're gonna have to get up off your ass and go get it. Make it happen yourself and if you need help ask.
  • cocoa_bitter@pharohescindian why would you suggest I follow CNN like you are by my side. Don't assume because you're making an ASS out of yourself. You think you're smart but still ignorant.
  • pharohescindian@cocoa_bitter reevaluate who's brainwashed
  • pharohescindian@cocoa_bitter Clown NEWS NETWORK. SIMPLE AS PIE. Maybe you're too shtupid to admit when you've been one uped. But as long as you know your a coon. Have fun learning RUSSIAN.
  • pharohescindian@cocoa_bitter and yes kill yourself... Or don't procreate... You passing Mandingo genetics and a lemming hive mind isn't beneficial to the survival of our species.
  • cocoa_bitter@pharohescindian Bwhaaahaaaa!!! Too late my dear!!!
  • pharohescindian@cocoa_bitter you have nothing left to further the conversation... Good day
  • cocoa_bitter@pharohescindian I am in no way competing with you and I am in no way yang to change your mind. Because we will always have people like you around. Always. Sadly
  • j_gualarioHey @pharohescindian DONALD TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT LMAO and none of your ignorant comments are going to change that. Oh yeah one last thing DONALD TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT!
  • pharohescindian@j_gualario for now
  • pharohescindian@j_gualario ppl die everyday b. #NOMANKNOWTHTHEHOUR
  • j_gualario@pharohescindian Ok he's still your president, when you go to sleep tonight he'll be your president and when you wake up he'll still be your president.
  • ilikeyopicsbruhShe's clearly acting out for attention now. It was cute at first, now it's getting played out just my opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • beam_emup_scotty@antonioball_realestate
  • antonioball_realestate@beam_emup_scotty I just busted out laughing at work!!! I love that lady lol
  • rdcleanShe sound like my baby moms when I brought my Benz. She had me back in court the next month trying to change the terms of the child support.💯
  • loveblisswellness👌💚💚💚💚WORD!
  • redrockpuertorican😊😆🏆
  • dh77551Told y'all watch those republicans and that "dead" healthcare bill. Don't be blinded by the side shows....✊🏾
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