Teamwork ✌🏻😃
  • ever4oneTeamwork ✌🏻😃

  • rania_hafsi_Oppa hi from Tunisia
  • yoursethTeamwork makes the dream work! Not sure whose dream in this case... Dad's or Joon's... 😉😂
  • bonglimhaha Good@Job Ssam
  • ss.dilan_ig💟
  • cierragallarzaTeam work to make the dream work!
  • aichaseyhi😍😍😍
  • baeq1와 매일 매일 아빠 처럼
  • ladyngyMy favorite band @Coldplay is in your city, when I say "좋겠다 "..could that mean "must be nice" or "so lucky" ? ^^
  • ever4one@ladyngy Yes! You can say 좋겠다 in casual language or 좋겠네요 in formal language:) And we are actually going tonight to see them!!
  • ladyngy아아아아 대박! ! I will see them in August when they come to Toronto. Enjoy the show 그리고 고마워요 ^.^~
  • m.allen37Haha Higher dad I can't reach!! too cute!
  • inhalemusicexhaleart2nd best dad ever ✊
  • diamondpress1Working on his balance now, work on his head spins later. How does mommy feel about that? Hahaha. He is learning so much! Good job mommy & daddy!
  • shreyaa_sethHe's growing up so quick!
  • tugbaerbilli@ar.kelly 😭❤❤❤
  • _jdghxC'est pratique d'avoir un enfant chez soi en fin de compte haha
  • m_altoqi👌😍
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