*Siblings* ⠀
This photo sums my three up quite nicely. Lils is always peeking out from behind somewhere or other where she's been up to mischief, Gracie is forever sensible and does as she's told (although if you pop over to the blog you'll see her let go a little) and poor Wills just never knows what on earth is going on around him. Wouldn't change them for the world though, the crazies. None of them have been well this week but *touch wood* we are all back to full health now in time for school next week. Things are going to change again as Lils is starting a full day on a Thursday. It is going to be so weird being just me and Wills all day but I am aiming to get good work done during his naps. Anyhoo I'm waffling now! Have a good day - we are off to explore the Lake District this morning!
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