Happy Easter 🐇🐰🐣
  • thebenforsterHappy Easter 🐇🐰🐣

  • winnieloklokHappy Easter, the best Phantom!
  • anniedon12Too cute!!! Happy Easter 🐰🐓🐣🐥😀
  • joshybear0227Happy easter @thebenforster don't eat too much chocolate and get a upset tummy because @celindeschoenmaker needs her angel of music
  • rachhen😂😍May Easter Bunny deliver, and I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend dear Ben! 🐇🐣🐰🐔🍳 😘xxx
  • wan_li_1111Love this phantom! Happy Easter!
  • leenloyens@jolienboosten
  • azwomsnAdorable Phantom bunny!🐰😍😍
  • sophiegkritsiOmg what is his snapchat and why don't i have it?
  • tinyfangirlthe phantom has never looked cuter! 😻 happy easter love! x
  • thecosyknightBrilliant
  • cathybarlowLOL you've gone hopping mad!
  • susan.moore.6619Just seen you as phantom you were amazing. 1st time seeing you for my mom ( mothers day gift ) many times for me u get better and better thank you ❤
  • mariapearson12Happy Easter! Hoping you have a great day off tomortow
  • gemmaperrottWe have just seen you at her majesty's! By far the best phantom we have ever seen! You made the show! Fantastic! 😊
  • mperezmoscoso2014Happy Easter, THIS is the kind of thing that makes me feel sorry for the phantom, too cute!!😍😅😆🐰#teamphantom
  • alana46Happy Easter xxoo
  • xiaxiacrabHe's here! The bunny of the opera!!! 😂😱🐰
  • akisright365Oh, this is a good one. The snap chat worked really well with your eyes and the mask.👩🏼‍🎤👨🏼‍🎤🐰🐣🐥💕
  • darknessturnsmeonHappy easter to you too Ben 😊 🐰
  • shiao_wenThank you for being the most amazing Phantom last night!!! I was moved to tears by your performance.
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