Here is another original painted photograph with Black 2.0 from the series "Hard Softness" that will be exhibited in Toronto later this month @walnutcontemporary for the ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival. 
A Space Within. A multiverse in one human’s head. 
My own. A real Black Hole 2.0 so you can travel within and throughout. 
Black 2.0 is the new pigment created last month, March 2017, as a response to “Vantablack”.
Black 2.0 is then the “blackest, mattest, and flattest black in the market”, promotes the British Stuart Semple creator of the new pigment. 
I am now the first international artist exhibiting artworks painted with Black 2.0. 
It’s deep, as deep as the void. A black matte hole that absorbs all the light. 
A black that puts all other blacks into shame.
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