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  • annaraybiaI think of art as an expression--of emotion thought experience--that illuminates my lived experience of that emotion/thought/belief/relationship/event. I am not yet 30, but I present to you my masterpiece: Morning.
    May it resonate with you as it continues to with me. May you show it to all the early birds you encounter. May it forever remind you to never accept an office job. Lass, you were not born for 8 AM lucidity. (This post is dedicated to @carolinaimperial who is cut out for very early mornings, a truth whose depths I may never fathom.)

  • gonzaloimperial😂👌🏼💯 #saludos !!!
  • itsmeraazzHahahaha❤️❤️
  • curlycue4😂 this is life.
  • carolinaimperial😂 I am so honored and moved by your art. #iwokeuplikethis #weflawless
  • ummul_haneefahI was ur roommate I always associated u with this look and I know ur not a morning person.
  • saray512I'll show you my interpretation of Morning shortly. I'm starting a trend - #drammies
  • annaraybia@ummul_haneefah this made me laugh so hard just now 😂 thanks for that. I miss you by the way!! Are you back in Abuja?
  • annaraybia@saray512 okay!! What is that??
  • ibenjaminhdzPlease someone. Please make a meme out of this.
  • ummul_haneefah@annaraybia I'm glad I made you laugh. Missed you too. I'm in the UK studying now.
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