• theblindcookA sweet ending to a sweet trip! #kanafeh = cheese topped with pastry (crispness optional) soaked in rose syrup & sprinkled with pistachios. I need some of this in my home kitchen. 🧀 #nafeesah #sweets #amman #jordan #goodeats 🇯🇴 #twt #fan

  • diapercakeladyriyadh_Looks yummy! That treat is soooo addictive that my family of 7 has to get their own personal pan. The stores here in Riyadh KSA will soon be packed with the dough for Ramadan.
  • nour_jam83yummyyyyyy.. 😍😍😍
  • mayatouSooo good !
  • frsurjoYou want real Kunafah? Go to Palestine - nablus and I swear you would never forget in your life.
  • busyzainMy hubby loves this :)
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