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  • torianne00Late night watercolor doodles ☺️ nice way to relax after day one of @indianacomiccon #indianacomiccon #icc2017

  • dorkydinoSo relaxing to watch it, too!
  • ponograceLove watching you work! Dying for some prints :)
  • donnie_drinks_coffeeyou're an inspiration tori💜
  • 3x3inspire😍 i just love your art
  • snailxgrlI really love this new experiment style you've been trying
  • clumsy0neI love how you just let the colors bleed into the water. So satisfying to watch and so beautiful
  • studiokakoI got my sketchbook yesterday ❤ thank you so much for all the extra goodies! 😍❤😍❤
  • umasays@torianne00 yes , yes, I know but what I said wasn't meant to be rude - I meant like " wow that amazing art is just a doodle" because to me , it looks amazing 😜
  • kellapellSo sad, I almost came to this comic con! Bummed that it's the same weekend as Easter.
  • lotte.a.p@torianne00 what paint are you using?😄 I want to try😀
  • lotte.a.p@torianne00 sorry😅
  • deveslynschairYour watercolor work is so gorgeous oh my goodness
  • torianne00@umasays oh!! I didnt read it as rude at all, the 😳😳😳 was me blushing from your flattering comment. Thank you so much for enjoying my work!
  • abigail.miller99I'm looking for some higher quality water colors, do you recommend any brand specifically? I love your work! ♡
  • umasays@torianne00 ok , no prob !!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😜
  • drawffincoffinNotice me! ❤️✨
  • mini_seastar@abigail.miller99 Qor is a pretty good brand, you can get a pack of 6 tubs for around 20 bucks
  • affronted_trexI love profile portraits, they're so beautiful and expressive 💜
  • little__moons_It was so pretty being able to see the colors move 😊 thanks for sharing!!
  • amiimonFor anyone who ordered the sketchbook I have a question!! So the package came with 3 tiny prints and the mermaid one is a sticker. But are the other two?
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