• foundryfitThe Foundry is a different fitness company.

    As we reflect on baby Jesus being born from a chocolate egg we thought you would all like to see the good work you're enabling us do in providing free health and fitness services for those who cannot access it traditionally.

    Since January 2016 we have provided.

    96 hours a month of free gym usage to our beneficiaries.

    28 hours a month of free coached community classes which is a mixture of general fitness, senior yoga and youth sessions.

    Mean average attendance of 100 visits a week.

    Total unique users = 137

    Of which:

    32 hours were free female-only sessions to encourage female engagement.

    110 hours were free youth sessions for 11-16 year olds.

    In addition we have provided 322 hours of free gym usage and 'at cost' staffing for charity partners including @sohkcharity @centrepointuk @fight4change @blackprincetrust and more.

    A genuine Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. Be nice to each other x


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  • globuglioThis is what sets @foundryfit apart from all other gyms. The fitness world can be a bit of a closed shop and difficult to access if you can't afford it. It's not just the cost of classes/membership but even the proper kit (mostly footwear). I've been very lucky the past four years to have had two bosses who understood the importance of fitness to my mental and physical health and the barrier that my financial situation created. So they paid for my gym membership. Though I have now moved on from the role and the company, it's an act of kindness and generosity that I never took for granted and will never forget. @itsdtpt @rolandharwood @deeyesbee
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