• howfabI've been a mess lately, you guys. For the past year we've been dealing with the aftermath of the attack on my sister and her family and it's finally resolved. We're done with courts and DAs and statements and can finally heal without anything hanging over our head. Which, of course, has meant there's plenty of time now to actually feel. 😬

    Whether or not I knew it, this last year has been adrenaline-fueled. There was always something to think about, do, take care of and now it's gone and there is room to feel again and, holy crap, my emotions are having an all-night rager. ⠀

    My instinct (and what I normally do) is to create more to do - let's move! redecorate the playroom! start a new project! - or to check out - hide under the covers, stop posting, retreat from friends - so nobody can see my messiness. But, I'm stronger now. This past year has taught me I can do hard things and right now the hardest thing I can think of is staying here in the muck and feeling everything and not running away. So, here I stand. Or, rather, here I lay on the couch. You get the idea. 😎👊🏼

  • howfab@evenifbobbie 👊🏼Thank you!
  • howfab@tammythiele ❤️❤️❤️Thank you!
  • tidalblueWhat a beautiful way to explain things that are tough to experience.. so true that the hardest thing to do is sit with the pain. Thank you for this post, Kara, and sending hugs and peaceful warm energy your way!! 😘
  • howfab@tidalblue Thank you, Amy! ❤️❤️❤️
  • ellespicsYou're not alone...we got you! 💪
  • mutsonthemove💞🌹💞
  • nataliehmohamedTime will heal
  • sherikleinj❤️😘❤️
  • pam_ginocchioYou are an inspiring woman @howfab!! 🙏💪🏼👊
  • howfab@pam_ginocchio I don't about that but I'll take it. ❤️😬❤️
  • nurturelifeSuch an inspiration
  • cosa_mi_metto✌✌
  • nicolevfxLook at how strong u are to see that and have the courage to sit in it. Know that you are not alone. I'm happy to sit with you and laugh or cry and I know I'm not the only one!❤️❤️
  • lion_and_lollyBabe you walk thru that fire in your gold sequins, knowing there is so much love for you! Always!!! 😘
  • howfab@nicolevfx ❤️❤️❤️
  • howfab@lion_and_lolly love you. ❤️
  • socialmouthsamSo sorry to hear of your troubles. Sending hugs 🤗
  • howfab@socialmouthsam Thank you! ❤️
  • looselippedlabelsOmg I need this hahah
  • madimont😍😍😍😍
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