• wondegondigoSUQQU greens over time! From the very old Souryoku, to 02 Kokedama of the recently discontinued Blend Color Eye Shadows to the brand new green Designing Color Eyes 103 Kisui.
    Kisui is a UK exclusive from SUQQU's Summer color collection, with creative inspiration from @jorgemakeup ! It launches at #selfridges April 27th and launches on May 11th at both Fenwick and Harrods. .
    I'm slow with my thoughts but wanted to share some interesting photos as I prepare for my blog post!
    Speaking of summer, it is finally beautiful and glorious spring here! 🌱🌸
    #suqqu #suqquuk #suqqumakeup #suqqusummer2017 #japanesecosmetics #makeup #beauty #luxurymakeup #cosmetics #greeneyeshadow #bblogger #prsample

  • jorgemakeup❤️❤️❤️
  • tremblelikeaflowerCannot wait for that green quad!!!
  • c38vandijkI'm waiting for your review. You're the last blogger that still goes deeper with descriptions and makes comparisons (that is expected when someone receives PRs, but it's much easier to write just about the quad... 😒) . My main question is: do I need the new quad if I have the discontinued blend color eyeshadow 02? Thanks a lot!!!! 😘
  • wondegondigo@c38vandijk <3 that is very kind of you to say. It IS a ton of work doing comparisons and then actually having something to write about it! I think that's why IG is a much easier platform in a way. Anyway, to answer your question, I would say the new one only if you like yellow-green tones and they work well on your skin. I found it a bit difficult to wear. 02 is more neutral to cool and more flattering on me. The quality of the new quad is very nice though.
  • c38vandijk@wondegondigo Thanks for your reply! I know the work behind your posts and I really appreciate that! 😘 Have a great day and Happy Easter!
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