My favorite thing that happened today! 😂😂😂 thanks @kumailn #itsfunnybecauseiagree #foxnews 🙄
  • meghanlinseyMy favorite thing that happened today! 😂😂😂 thanks @kumailn #itsfunnybecauseiagree #foxnews 🙄

  • allie__7800I read it yesterday and can't stop thinking about it lol. I feel so bad for you!
  • mrsrobinjones😂
  • briley_ronin_cavs😂😂😂😂
  • briley_ronin_cavsHope you are doing well, Meg!! Miss you 😘 @meghanlinsey
  • ericamorgan3One of my neighbors actually brought up your spider bite at the fire pit the other night!
  • shelley_p_79It's not like the other because it's 'real' news... 😘
  • jack10tWell it's good that you're as important as North Korea and Prez Trump 🤓
  • chim5150So I don't know much about you but saw your story and can relate. I was bitten in the leg by a brown recluse myself. It was a horrible ordeal and I couldn't imagine it happening to my face. I'm so glad to see that you're doing well and have an indomitable spirit! From one musician to another, good luck!
  • ditto108Glad you are ok...blessings on blessings 🙏💚💙💚💙
  • lalalisa129I feel your pain @meghanlinsey I got bit about 10 years ago, luckily not on my face, but behind my knee. Not fun at all! So glad to see you are doing well! So crazy, almost lost my leg, but I don't even have a scar.
  • scott.crist50Your the best news of the top stories. I'm glad the worst of your news is over.
  • dianesaenz1Megan, this same exact thing happen to me about 4 years ago. My scar is right above my left eye brow. Ive struggled with having a scar on my face. It's hard and finding someone to help withe reconstruction hasn't been easy since it's basically cosmetic and I feel lucky to just be alive. It's taken a while to get use to seeing it in the mirror. I am praying for you.
  • iamlouisberk@dianesaenz1 I might have something that could help! DM me
  • iamlouisberk@meghanlinsey Glad you're getting better!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
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