• geekbombStar Wars #TheLastJedi teaser trailer is finally here!! Check out the squad's thoughts below and let us know what you think!

    Justine: The music always gets my heart racing. *grabby hands* I'm ready.

    Brad: Not enough to really go on yet, but I like the poster. Luke seems pretty upset for a dude that lives in a beautiful waterfront cave.

    Mickey: We're gonna get answers. I'm gonna lose my mind.

    Julia: *string of incoherent noises* So much is happening!! Can't waaaaaaait!

    Ceilidh: I'm excited about the movie but this trailer did nothing to stoke the fires. That poster though 😍

    Ryan: That gorgeous poster actually pumped me up more than the trailer did. Super excited, nonetheless!

    #starwars #thelastjedi

  • kujmousThis reads like a FotF! Very mixed. :) I like it.
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