Writing tunes for a new project @canyonhearts
  • tyronewellsofficialWriting tunes for a new project @canyonhearts

  • aaliyah_lashaun❤❤❤
  • melody_valenzJust finished a project friend! Out May 2. Many years coming:)
  • staleydavidBrilliant.
  • jonybosClassic photo bruh!
  • pawnshopkingsSexy bro. Sexy
  • samcart😱
  • shmamah😊👏🏽
  • tyronewellsofficial@pawnshopkings to top it all off I'm also playing a C chord... which is one of the 5 chords I know
  • pawnshopkingsHaha. And that's not just any old C either. So good! You know 6 chords
  • vickyy.harris🙌🙌📷🎸🎶🎶👏👏🎸🎧📷📷😘
  • shakahahnWoke up this morning thinking about how long it's been since I've seen you. WAY too long! 😫 (that sounds weird, but your songs are my alarm... not so creepy if you know that. LOL)
  • tyronewellsofficial@shakahahn I know! I've been working on other projects and being home. I plan to record a new record this year and tour in the spring of 2018. How are you doing?
  • shakahahn@tyronewellsofficial Grace is doing a great job! Your family must love having you around. Babies grow up so fast! I'm sure your beautiful wife loves sharing this time with you watching them grow and learn. Wallow in it! Hug them all for me. ❤️ BTW - love the RD stuff and the new ventures you've created...
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