Something I've been working on in the background... #jasonfreeny
  • gummifetusSomething I've been working on in the background... #jasonfreeny

  • cote_escrivaI don't know why is @kaws so upset, as he has been doing the same along all his career.. 🤔
  • coloroydArt is a joke, so let it laugh bruh...
  • kiyoshi88Companion looks pathetic…
  • ef_u21@kiyoshi88 almost 1000% positive this isn't finished
  • ef_u21Guessing it's bitterness that it took kaws 20 years to get to this level, n Freeny getting closer in less time ?
  • philpoirier@kiyoshi88 he bought the companions at the MoMa store ! So if it pathetic ! All your collection is pathetic !
  • roborofloJason I really hope you do not let this stet you back and you finish it out.
  • jarebfooshLaughing that @kaws has sand up his ass about what @gummifetus is doing with a toy he BOUGHT. He didn't sculpt a copy, he didn't mold/ cast a copy. He BOUGHT the damned thing. He's free to customize it however he wants. Anyone supporting KAWS and his punk attitude is as much of a bitch in this matter.
  • dee_cee_california@kaws you sound Salty , be happy that he made something out of nothing , what's your career with out Mickey Mouse , 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
  • mincent97why everybody find kaws? just watch the progress of this and push 'like' !
  • msukamtoLittle do you know that this is all actually a marketing gimmick for their upcoming collaboration........
  • solaris100Wrote down some thoughts about all this on my blog. Check it out and let me know what you think! *Link in my bio* 👈🎨
  • idared7@solaris100 nice article, slightly pro KAWS if you ask me. (And that's my opinion - as you have stated in the article that you are not pro anyone) But a good read for people that need some art ABC :) the reason I'm saying it's pro KaWS is because I believe with the same points the argument could just validate @gummifetus Work instead of saying that it's reasonable that KaWs commented the way he did. Kaws messages had a big bully tone, so no I still don't understand them. 😛
  • majinlow@artbyvisualized
  • jahmonster93@bmorerandom where did hirst get it from? Asking to expand my knowledge on the subject
  • taskonerus@kaws are you serious ? I used to love your work growing up in jersey.. now all you do is put x's on spongebob and simpsons figures.. it's so disappointing... I've been hoping for over 10 years you would get back to original stuff instead of mixing your x's with other people's work.. and what artist doesn't wanna work with others.. comes off super dickish.. @gummifetus nice work as always ...
  • badxmanaWhy is there always such drama over concept versus creation?🤔 It's important to understand the difference...
  • big.los.livesEverything under the sun has been done. Art theory 101 folks. You can never steal my art because you can't steal me.
  • inprimewetrustTaking credit over creating dissection is like taking credit for creating life as we know it. Who is he? God? Finish this thing!
  • inprimewetrust@cote_escriva I agree, like if it's an original character instead of a variation on an existing IP then I would understand. But u can't get upset when your whole career is based off of creating variations of other people's original IPs
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