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  • anndeecandyDay 105: practicing an instrument or sport or art, etc. Malcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours. This is how my ten year old made it through 3 minutes of piano practice (sound required). What about you? Were you diligent? Did your parents have to force you? Bribe you? Or was it all intrinsic? I personally had to be bribed and forced and sometimes I lied about how long I practiced when my mom got back from work because mostly I was watching Days of our Lives (don't judge--Marlana was buried alive!!!) and if she forgot about violin lessons maybe I didn't remind her. I was a brat and now I'm sad. Sometimes I wonder if I took lessons now if I'd be better. Practicing. Then or now or whatever you feel. 8 minutes #8minutememoir
  • gaylenewils😂
  • magicmunchkin9It's impressive that he's already adding vocals to his piano playing. It's like Billy Joel in your living room.
  • anndeecandy@magicmunchkin9 it has really added a cool vibe to the whole house
  • kimberlypacehendersonOh my heck, this is so freaking hilarious. I love your household
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