Check out Here are some feedbacks for fans, leave me a comment if you want to learn more from me. #jetli #movieactor #actor #artist #hollywood #chinesemovie #wushu #chinesemartialarts #kungfu
  • jetliCheck out Here are some feedbacks for fans, leave me a comment if you want to learn more from me. #jetli #movieactor #actor #artist #hollywood #chinesemovie #wushu #chinesemartialarts #kungfu

  • jhon_edward_caicedo_vasquezQ diferencia hay entre defensa personal y artes marciales SR JETLI...
  • vivibcgunFearless movie. Is one of the very best movie ive ever seen it gives me a deep memories everytime i hear it till now :)
  • serik_bisenalinТы легенда брат!!!
  • dandengvision是回忆 那么远 又那么近 永远的李连杰
  • edjailmendes👑
  • mariahelenapereiralopesActor eres un angel ♡♡
  • godfather.tuningKiss of the dragon 👑
  • romartunoff😭😭
  • blackxenoverseFearless, that film inspiring me to stand in ma feet each time after being beaten by bullies
  • aljoseortegaFearless es mi película favorita de usted, creci viendo sus películas siempre siendo una gran inspiración para mi
  • trishjones03I love The forbidden kingdom. How much of your fighting scene in the temple with Jackie Chan was choreographed & was there any actual fighting between both of you in the scene..who would win? Love you both! 😀
  • shaun_tatuUnleashed fighting. You were a beast.
  • farhad_avarehYou are highest
  • farhad_avarehI send for you , one video
  • cataleya_974🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  • levonekingsMaster, I want to know how long it will take me to build up my martial arts skills
  • hartmusicmanagementYou're an inspiration . The flow of the universe moves through you
  • ryno8502Unleashed is my favorite Jet Li movie, he was savage in that
  • merrysa_khoHappiest birthday to u @jetli. I hope u stay healthy because I still wanna watch your movie. If you sick I also pray for your health. Love all your movies and I still remember your old movies. Jiaaaa youuuuu jet li zhu ni sheng ri kuai le... Get Well Soon. Stay healthy yaaa... haha I wish one day I could casting a movie together with you haha...
  • miss_laugh_alotI liked body guard a lot 😊 not on here tho
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