• iamleyahshanksThis by #TBCR Ambassador @fullerfigurefullerbust is so beautiful. ❤
    Thunder thighs
    My mother's eyes
    The teacher I would learn to despise
    The magazines that fed me lies
    My body never felt like home. .
    Legs chafed raw
    Growing boobs that were sore
    Laughing in the corridor
    Hair I'd never seen before
    So different from the others.
    I didn't measure up because my measurements were so much bigger
    Legs were pitted with marks of imperfection
    A form that jiggled like buildings in an earthquake
    My soul trapped in the vessel of my misery
    A reflection that tore tears from my eyes
    Belly lines smiling cruelly as I sat, taking up far too much room
    Who could love something like me?
    A small shift
    A change of pace
    A change of place
    A body that was more than how it looked through other's eyes
    A body that laughed and danced and fucked
    Lines etched into my face as I lived without fear of mockery
    I let the bullies own you, not realising that I simply needed to fall in love with you in order to cast a shield.
    Dear body; please know that it was never my decision to despise you
    Never I who coined those first cruel names
    Never I who assumed you had to change size in order to change minds about your worth
    But it was I who listened. Drowning in a sea of cruel taunts.
    I still bear the scars upon my soul
    And sometimes I still crawl to the edge of that hole
    But I fought hard to claw back my spirit that they stole
    My love for my body is something only I get to control
    A tempestuous, passionate tangle of emotions.

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  • sexybrilliant_devinakaurSuch a beautiful message ... wowow
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