Here are a few things you may not know about me...
1.) travelling is my favourite thing ever, so much so that I have a wanderlust tattoo. Next on my list is NYC. ✨
2.) I once played Draco Malfoy in an adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. 
3.) I have a heart shaped scar from when I once got stuck on a tree branch playing off ground tick.
4.) I lost my friends at Glastonbury Festival because Matt Smith aka Doctor Who carried me off into the crowd. 
5.) My favourite song of all time is Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield. Give it a listen and thank me later. 😉
6.) I can impersonate Donald Duck.
7.) My signature dance move is the Salsa. 💃🏻
8.) My future goals include getting married, having two children and buying a house so that I can go interiors crazy.
9.) I really wish I could cook but I am absolutely hopeless in the kitchen.
10.) My favourite holiday destination so far is Iceland. I can't wait to go back and swim in the Blue Lagoon.

Now tell me a little about you ☺️
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