• bangsandabunMy latest @elleuk column, all about being teetotal and how more and more people are making that choice. •

    I spoke to a lot of people about their experiences with cutting back or going teetotal and let me just say this: if someone in your life is trying to do that, they have determined that it is the right choice for them. What they don't need is your constant questioning, mockery or judgement. Just respect their decision. It is not a commentary on YOUR choice to drink. Furthermore, trying to peer pressure someone into drinking when they have expressly stated they don't want to, is the height of douchebaggery. Don't be THAT person. •

    Shout out to everyone trying to live their best, healthiest life, the best way they know how and huge thanks to @catmeffan for sharing her story with me.

  • essmei💜
  • megerecooperTell it! X
  • jwarrenjones💪😘❤️👊
  • kicksandkitAmen!! Same all my life despite people all ways trying to get me to drink. #bye👋
  • bangsandabun@linaqueenvee I've never understood why people have so many opinions about decisions that have no effect on them whatsoever!
  • bangsandabun@skullsandponies I can relate. I've had people try to spike my drinks, buy me alcoholic drinks even though I've said I don't drink - not only is it incredibly offensive, but what if I was actually an alcoholic and just didn't wanna tell these nosey buggers?!
  • bangsandabun@helsharrison It is absolutely this. People find free, independent thinkers very threatening. It highlights their inability to do it, so their first port of call is to try to get you to stumble.
  • bangsandabun@stephhamill Girl, PREACH!
  • bangsandabun@jennordhem teetotal - no alcohol or drugs.
  • bangsandabun@henri2b YUP! 💁🏻
  • alexandreholderLove this piece. Very true words.
  • flicgreenYes! Thank you for writing this 👍
  • shopjuices😌 Really good profile 😌
  • koukklabouloua@beckstergorf agree. Why does you not drinking make others uncomfortable when you're ok with it? 😵🤔
  • itskatiefamThis article is 👌🏻I'm not teetotal, but If I had a pound for every time a friend laughed at me for having a pint of Pepsi with ice and lemon at the pub or ordered me a drink I didn't want (which I inevitably gave to someone else), I would be a rich motherfucker. Also, the baffled looks I got at raves when I didn't want to do a line of coke or take loads of pills! Growing up in a household with an alcoholic kind of put me off the idea of it all. I've been out to d&b raves and been the one nursing a bottle of water the whole night, just enjoying the music and not waking up the next day feeling like shit. I had my first glass of wine at age 25, paired with something I was eating at dinner. It was nice but I'd have been just as happy with my soft drink. It's quite fascinating that my attitude to drink/drugs baffles so many people, because I'm totally fine about it 😂
  • spinningawebBeen doing the same for a yr! Never loved drinking...so it was easy to give up.
  • sarahlg88I don't think I've ever read Elle but will try and pick up this copy. Not really drunk much in the past few years but I've just gone tea-total as part of ultra marathon training - identified that even just one beer/wine means I don't get up to run before work in the morning, and it throws me off at weekends too. Enjoying saying no at the moment to be honest. Would love to read your view so will keep my eyes open for it! 😃
  • brasil_lopesloving the page!! ✨
  • healthlegacyprojectBeautiful! 💖 ☺
  • zoerosesofairJust read your article @bangsandabun and can fully relate as a full time teetotaler since day one as well! The questions I get all the time give me increasing reasons to eye roll! 😂 Thanks for putting out there in Elle! 😊😚🙌
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