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  • wackenopenair.officialWe will announce the next act on Easter Sunday! But we forgot the name of the band... Can you maybe help us?

    #Wacken #heavymetal #metalheads #festival #metalfestival

  • gabriel_b_salgado@cibele.ginger
  • tiago_fetznerBlack Sabbath
  • cieluwangBlack Sabbath would make much sense!
  • cieluwang@that1mayandude that's also why it will make sense to announce the short reunion of a band like Black Sabbath on the Easter, but well I'm just guessing, they do match the conditions :D
  • candle1973Accept
  • stagereptiles@m_maydl18 glaub ich ihnen nicht. Wären nicht die Ersten, die Abschied vom Abschied nehmen.
  • florian1004kKurze Frage, war Sepultra nicht eigentlich auch schon bestätigt?
  • m_maydl18@stagereptiles Naja, cool wärs schon
  • __kevin__h__Scorpions?
  • moriguraWhy not Scorpions?
  • jamesbourbonWhat time is the announcement please?
  • yego_456@jamesbourbon same question here, hahaha it's 1:30 AM my local time and still awake hoping to get the news
  • jamesbourbon@yego_456 sucks to be you! It's 08:43 UK time. I want Manowar but I think it's black sabbath, just where he said they've played a couple times before, heaven and he'll in 07 and ozzy in 11 but then he ends it with man....
  • yego_456@jamesbourbon I just reviewed Accept's website and they saying that on April 16 they will provide details of their biggest show... so I'm guessing is Accept but I wish it was Judas Priest or Manowar as you mentioned
  • jamesbourbon@yego_456 Oh. Well I suppose that's OK. Slightly underwhelming as with the volbeat announcement.
  • yego_456@jamesbourbon I think it can't be Accept a friend of mine just told me they are 70's so there is still a chance it can be sabbath or Judas or Manowar, as they said at the end of the video "man..."
  • jamesbourbonOld jensen is leading us a merry dance as not all of it adds up to make one band. Just read that article on accepts website, think it's probably them to be fair.
  • lama_pantsI'm hanginnnnnnn @lewisgrowler
  • yego_456It's been announced at Facebook
  • darioantoniHelloween please.. i don't wanna die without see to Kiske, Hansen and Helloween play together. This is my only chance
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