• cremebrandsSo, I'm Kathryn and I talk with my hands 😁 A few random facts 1) I was homeschooled through highschool and I had to wear headgear in middle school. Some awkward years. 🙈 2) I didn't plan on being a graphic designer until a professor made a mistake and nominated me as the design student for something. Now I realize that it wasn't a mistake at all, but exactly where I was supposed to be. 3) I designed book covers for 5 years. And I learned a lot about how much first impressions actually DO matter. 4) I really want people to know that they belong. I want people to know they have gifts and that they aren't more or less than anyone else. Tell me about YOU!
    photo: @allyandbobby workshop: @theschoolofstyling (HIGHLY recommend!) #tsostexas
  • laurenrswannYou are the cutest!!! I LOVE this photo of you!!
  • elizabethladeanYou are so cute!!!! Those were some great random facts about you too!!
  • joannagcardenYay homeschoolers! 😉
  • saranlarsonI love this.
  • samantha_gusandrubyLove this! You are such a talent!
  • theshannongrantYou're wonderful! How lucky the world is that that professor nominated you for design. ❤️
  • obviously_cocoLove this!! And everything about you & your soul!!! Beautiful 😘
  • mrs.chelseynelsonI love book cover designs! I'm sure yours were beautiful!
  • adampolhemusI like you, Kathryn, cause you are the real deal and full of heart.
  • laurenlcarnes🙋🏻🙌🏻🤷🏻‍♀️hand talker over here too!!
  • chandlerrosephoto🙋🏻head gear in 5th grade!
  • shellschmidt0201You're gorgeous!😊
  • paisandhazeI suffered those headgear years too! Painful but thankful😅
  • diliacohenI love this photo of you 💕 Also, you are awesome! So happy I got to spend time with you at the creative at heart conference in Charleston 😊
  • cremebrands@chandlerrosephoto ahh headgear sufferers unite!
  • cremebrands@paisandhaze haha true!!!
  • cremebrands@theshannongrant wow, thanks for the encouragement. I needed that
  • cremebrands@joannagcarden ahh you too!! Fun!
  • chandlerrosephotolol right!?
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