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  • essentiallyrevivedHow cute is this.... my son is applying my deep blue roll~on for me, as somehow i injured my foot last week. I'm not sure what I did but think I've sprained it. Instead of popping pain killers that only mask the problem, like I used to back a year ago before I knew about essential oil. I've been applying Deep blue, Lemongrass, Aroma touch, Marjoram and Wintergreen
    to the sore area on my foot. All 5 of these oils work magically together to assist with pain relief and inflammation. The pain relief is almost instant and last for about a 1-2 hours and then I re apply when needed. Each day it's been getting better and easier to walk on. The essential oils help on a cellular level and I love that it's a natural alternative to the typical pharmaceutical drugs that end up doing my body harm in the long run. My mum (Helen) from Love At First Smell and best friend (bexy) from Sacred Equilibrium made me a beautiful home made body butter with essential oils and magnesium flakes and I have also been applying that to the area as the magnesium helps to relax sore and stiff muscles. It smells divine thank you so much for making this for me girls 💜

    I make custom sample blends tailored to your needs, whether it be for physical or emotional concerns, if you would like me to make you one send me a private message :) Would you like to know more about essential oils that can help with sprains, torn ligaments, sore joints, sore & stiff muscles or pain relief please reach out to me by sending me a message or commenting below. I look forward to hearing from you. Adele xx

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