• theandersoncrewWe have one cleaner in our house and this one cleaner gets everything clean from sticky granite countertops, to peed on toilets, to smudged windows, to muddy floors. EVERYTHING! And it’s free from dangerous or synthetic chemicals 🤗 so I don’t have to worry about breathing it in, or my little people being in contact with it. In fact, I make them clean with it while I sit back, feet up on the couch, relaxing music playing and a glass of wine in my hand. Actually no that doesn’t happen because SIX KIDS.
    I digress.
    Did you know, the 3 most common toxins in household cleaners are:
    1. 2-Butoxyethanol (window & multipurpose cleaners)
    Risks associated with this chemical are sore throats (when inhaled). At high levels it can also contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema and severe liver & kidney damage. #nothankyou
    2. Ammonia (bathroom & window cleaners, jewelry cleaners)
    This chemical can trigger asthma, as well as contribute to chronic bronchitis with regular to frequent exposure. #nothankyouagain
    3. Bleach & Chlorine (scouring powders, toilet bowl cleaners, mildew removers, cleaning wipes, laundry whiteners)
    This chemical is a known respiratory and skin irritant - and it can also be a hormone disrupter. #reallyisaidnothankyou

    People, we have to do better! If you can do one thing today, replace your household cleaners with the Thieves household cleaner. At the very least, make a bottle of water and vinegar and clean with that. We don’t need all of these harsh chemicals in our lives and homes - and they are making us sick!
    This bottle of Thieves cleaner & spray bottle came for FREE in my monthly order with Young Living. This cleaner is concentrated so use the following ratio to clean:
    Kind of dirty: 1 TBSP Thieves, 3 cups water
    Dirty: 1 TBSP Thieves, 2 cups water
    Dirty as heck: 1 TBSP Thieves, 1 cup water
    You could also just do what I do and add a little Thieves, add a little water. Just eye it, no need to get fancy and technical. Keep a bottle under your kitchen sink and then a “dirty as heck” bottle under your boys bathroom sink. #whyistherepeeeverywhere #thanksboys
    Now, get to cleaning!

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  • teamnystrandI just bought my first bottle of this and I am in love.
  • teamnystrandLOL "dirty as heck bottle for the bathroom" 😂 Word.
  • theandersoncrew@teamnystrand right??? So glad you love it!
  • thefivefersHahaha the best write up!
  • hannstagramsSeriously love the thieves cleaner. It's all I use too. And I don't have to worry about my kid stepping all over it and then licking his feet. Oh wait did I say kid? I meant cat.
  • theandersoncrew@hannstagrams bahah. He's totes your kid.
  • theandersoncrew@thefivefers 😘😘😘
  • decorusfineartLove your feed!
  • claire.e.haleDo you store it in a plastic or glass bottle? I heard somewhere oils should never be kept in plastic as it erodes the plastic? Does young living sell it in plastic?
  • theandersoncrew@claire.e.hale straight EO's should not be in plastic. These are diluted enough to be stored safely in the bottle! Plus YL uses a better grade of plastic that doesn't break down like the cheap stuff 👍🏼
  • claire.e.haleOh okay!! Good to know! Thanks for the reply and answer.. are you a young oils sales rep or can i order from you?
  • theandersoncrew@claire.e.hale yep I sell YL! Want me to shoot you an email?
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